Construction Methods and Planning

We have wide experience at design, tender, and construction stages of numerous building civil engineering projects. This enables us to offer advice on cost effective designs or construction methods. We have worked as liaison between contractor and designer on several design and construct projects. We have also assisted contractors with preparation of tenders and procurement of suitable sub contractors. See below for specific examples of our expertise in this area. Hover your mouse over the pictures to enlarge them.

Ma Wan Viaduct, Hong Kong. Design Coordination and Liaison.

This very large box girder bridge was constructed by Maeda Corporation under a design and construct contract.

The designer was based on the East coast of the USA. We spent many weeks in the designer’s offices advising on buildability with particular reference to formwork and falsework use. On return to the site in Hong Kong we acted as liaison between the designer, contractor and pre-stressing sub-contractor to finalise the prestress design.

Columbus Centre, NY. Dismantling Scheme for External Hoisting Towers.

We were engaged by Universal Builders Supply Ltd. to prepare designs for specialised lifting gear to enable these very tall towers to be dismantled without the use of cranes.

Abu Dhabi World Trade Centre. Design Coordination and Liaison.

We were engaged by the main contractor Aldar Laing O’Rourke in the early stages of their design and build contract for this very large iconic mixed use building. Our role was to facilitate communications between the site team and the London-based architects and engineering consultants.

Ma Wan Viaduct, Hong Kong. Falsework Sub-Contract

The falsework and formwork sub-contract awarded by Maeda Corporation to RMD was one of the largest ever let. We introduced the Japanese contractor to UK falsework and formwork suppliers and advised on the tenders received. The sub-contract included design of the piled falsework foundations and an erection stress analysis of the deck. These engineering services were provided by a UK consulting engineer. We acted as liaison between the site and the UK consultant to manage changes to the foundation design when piles were driven out of position and to check the effects of early removal of parts of the falsework.

Brides Glen Bridge Dublin. Preparation of Method Statements.

The deck of this prestressed concrete box girder bridge was constructed by the incremental launching technique. We prepared method statements covering the operation of the casting bed formwork and the launching operation.

Hung Hom Bypass, Hong Kong. Design Coordination and Liaison.

This large elevated road junction was constructed to the contractor’s alternative design. Approximately 6 km of box girder viaducts were constructed by pre-cast segmental balanced cantilever techniques. The contractor’s designer was based in the UK and the deck erection sub contractor was based in France. We were engaged by the contractor and based in the designer’s office to act as liaison between the parties. We managed numerous design changes during the construction period and ensured that the deck and substructure were designed to accept the construction loads

Ma Wan Viaduct , Hong Kong. Tower Crane Erection Sequence.

During construction of this large prestressed concrete box girder bridge we designed a sequence of erecting, dismantling and re-erecting four tower cranes at a total of nine different locations. The cranes were moved between bases constructed at ground level and at deck level approximately 40 metres above ground.

Urban Road Improvement, Staines. Tender Planning.

We were engaged by Raynesway Construction Southern to prepare a resourced tender programme and temporary traffic diversion schemes.

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