3D Modelling and Drafting

We have experience and capability in the application of CAD techniques to the solution of problems in three dimensions. Details of some of the problems we have tackled with these techniques can be found below. We are currently developing our skills in the BIM field using AutoCAD Revit Structure.

Three Dimensional Solid Modelling

We frequently use solid modeling techniques to calculate volume, mass, and cross sectional properties of complex shapes. The technique is also useful for visualisation and clash detection in complex or congested areas.

St Germans Pumping Station. Tower Crane Base on Jetty.

To check the layout of the complex connections between a tower crane base and an existing jetty structure, and to assist with communication of the design intent, a three dimensional solid model was produced.

West Rail Viaducts, Hong Kong - balanced cantilever erection scheme.

Solid models were used to quickly calculate the mass and centre of gravity positions for a wide range of different bridge segments. This information was then used to prepare the temporary cantilever stability calculations.

Wire Frame and Surface Modelling

We have used these techniques on various projects for simple visualisations of complex or congested areas to asses buildability and check for clashes. Some our past projects are illustrated below.

Ma Wan Viaduct - track slab restraint corbels.

Small concrete corbels were required to replace steel brackets to provide lateral restraint to a floating track slab. The small size of the corbels required careful detailing of the reinforcement and bolt sleeves to avoid clashes. We prepared a wire frame and surface model of the corbel to verify the proposed details and provide accurate reinforcement cutting and bending dimensions.

Hung Hom Bypass - balanced cantilever pier heads - temporary works

A complex array of temporary works had to be cast in to the pier-heads of this balanced cantilever viaduct to allow attachment of working platforms and brackets to support the launching girder. Curved ducts were also provided to received the temporary pre-stressing cables which secured the deck to the pier until the cantilevers were linked and the deck was transferred to its permanent bearings. To accommodate these temporary works the permanent drainage pipes had to be diverted. We prepared a wire frame and surface models of the pier-heads in order to check for clashes and to provide accurate dimensions for the drainage pipes and stressing ducts.

Rendering of 3-dimensional Models

To provide the most realistic appearance from 3 dimensional models they are rendered using a variety of material properties and lighting arrangements. The results are useful in demonstrating the final appearance and operation of a scheme at the design stage.

Universal Builders Supply Ltd - Aluminium Scaffolding and Hoist Systems

We have prepared several 3 dimensional models of UBS’s innovative aluminium systems in order to assist them in demonstrating the benefits of these systems to their clients. These models include the high speed rope-hauled material hoist and their cantilevered aluminium access scaffold system (illustrated). These models were rendered to provide a realistic representation of their final appearance.

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