Temporary Works Design

We specialise in the design of all manner of temporary structures for use in the course of construction. Temporary works design and checking forms the core of our business. We have experience of a very wide range of temporary structures including heavy falseworks, cofferdams, access platforms, and lifting equipment. We have also prepared temporary prestressing and propping schemes for use in bridge erection.

To complement our heavy civil engineering experience we have wide experience of the design of scaffolding, hoisting and shoring schemes used in connection with high rise and low rise building projects. See below for specific examples of our expertise in this area. Hover your mouse over the pictures to enlarge them.

Kap Shui Mun Bridge, Hong Kong. Tower 4 Lower Strut Falsework.

Structural steel falsework designed for site fabrication and erection to support in situ construction of a 5 metre square prestressed concrete beam 30 metres long. The falsework supported the fresh concrete at a propping height of 15 metres.

St Germans Pumping Station, Norfolk

We were engaged by Costain to design specialised piling gates and temporary piles to support steel sheet piling during driving.

On the same project we designed a structural steel jetty and supporting piles to carry heavy crawler cranes and other plant.

We later modified the jetty design to include a base for a tower crane.

City Point Building, London. Facade Access Scaffold & Landing Platforms.

During refurbishment of this 33 storey concrete framed office building we designed a large crane -handled scaffold structure to give access to the slab edges. The scaffold was designed to cantilever form the face of the building at any level. On the same project we designed a structural steel cantilever loading platform to enable materials to be simply transferred form the crane to the floor slabs. Our designs included comprehensive checks on the capacity of the permanent concrete structure to accept the loads applied by our temporary structures.

Specialised Lifting Gear Design

We are experienced in the design of all manner of specialised lifting gear including runway beams, spreader beams, balance beams and the like.

Swiss Re Building External Aluminium Common Platform Hoist Tower.

An aluminium common platform hoist tower very similar to those used on the canary wharf buildings was designed for UBS and their client Skanska for use on the striking new Swiss Re building in the City of London. The tower supported two twin Alimak high speed passenger / material hoists and a unique heavy duty twin mast Alimak “Mammoth” passenger material hoist. Tower design was complicated by the geometry of the building and was closely coordinated with the permanent works designer.

Ma Wan Viaduct, Hong Kong. End Span Falsework.

1200 tonnes of structural steelwork was designed for site fabrication and erection to facilitate construction of a heavy prestressed concrete box girder 35 metres above ground level.

Ma Wan Viaduct, Hong Kong. Travelling Access Platform.

The Contractor required access to the outside faces of this 7.5m deep concrete box girder after removal of the falsework on which it had been constructed. We designed a traveling access platform in structural steel running rails on the top slab of the bridge.

Canary Wharf, London. Special Heavy Duty Cantilever Loading Platforms.

To assist UBS in their problem solving role at Canary Wharf we have designed a wide range of special one-off temporary structures. The largest of these have been cantilever loading platforms to allow large loads to be safely transferred form the cranes to the building floors. These platforms were designed to be crane handled easily from one floor to another and on the plant room floors have been designed to support items of mechanical plant weighing up to 21 tonnes.

Abu Dhabi Third Crossing.

Engaged to carry out tender design of falsework for a large pre-stressed concrete highway bridge connecting Abu Dhabi Island to the mainland. Over-water falseworks were required to support the concrete deck and the large steel arches during erection.

Specialised Access and Support Scaffold

We have designed, checked and inspected numerous complex access and support scaffolds for a wide variety of clients. These have included some very large scaffolds associated with cladding and curtain wall installation.

Specialised Formwork Design

We are experienced in the design and inspection of all types of formwork for insitu and precast concrete construction including mechanised segment moulds for use in the construction of post tensioned segmental bridges.

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